New Descendents Watch + Chance to win MILO V1 ! - 02/20/2013

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Descendents Timeage Watch by VANNEN,  Limited to 250 Units  

Each Purchase Earns a Chance To Win MILO V1  

Order HERE    or   Combo Pack HERE 

Vannen Watches is proud to announce "Timeage", a brand new limited edition Descendents watch! Inspired by our long-time favorite Descendents tune "Get The Time", the new Timeage watch features a digital Milo printed on the crystal, a subtle black-on-black dial, custom Milo engravings on the casing and crown, and combined watch and packaging artwork that looks just like the alarm clocks that interrupted every wonderful dream of your youth.


  • Wrist: Large Size - 9.50 Inches Max. 
  • Crystal: Plastic, Flat with Pad Printed Red Digital Milo Graphic. 
  • Movement: 3 Hand Japanese Quartz.  
  • Buckle: Plastic, Matte Black. 
  • Dial: 34.8mm, Matte and Glossy Black 
  • Loop: Plastic, Matte Red with White Descendents Logo  
  • Case: 43mm, Plastic, Matte Black with grey artwork 
  • Straps: 22mm Wide, Plastic, Matte Black with grey artwork

Also available is the Milo Descendents Combo Pack. This pack contains the brand new Descendents "Timeage" Watch by VANNEN and a Milo v2 Throbblehead. You save $10 (plus shipping discount) by ordering these items together. 

The combo pack can be purchased HERE.

Those customers purchasing either the watch or the combo pack, will be entered to win a highly coveted MILO V1 Throbblehead. 1000 numbered units of this figure were released in 2009 and quickly sold out leading people to offer us goofy amounts of money for the few reserves. Now, we're willing to part with one of them in exchange for your business.

So go ahead and pick up the new watch or a combo pack, and check your email daily to see if you've won the MILO V1 lottery!

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