New GWAR Figure, GG Allin Pin Set, and more! - 09/23/2017

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GWAR Oderus Urungus Limited Edition Mini Figure by MONSTARZ 

One lucky customer will win a sold-out GWAR Throbblehead Set from 2014! 

This brand new limited edition hand-painted resin figure by Monstarz is 4.5" tall and comes in a full color box. 

Armed with swords and electric guitars, their 30 year campaign has taken them to battlefields and concert halls in every corner of the globe and has exacted a heavy toll. 

Yet, still their quest continues, laying siege upon the earthlings, crushing bodies and warping souls, in an unending quest to satiate their monstrous battle lust. 

Hark to the hideous majesty of your MASTERS, rulers of Earth, the mighty GWAR!


GG Allin Limited Edition Enamel Pin Set 
This limited edition GG Allin collection is limited to 500 sets and is only available at 
Each of the four pins are 1.25" and are made with both soft and hard enamel. The metal lines are black nickel and each pin has dual posts with black rubber clutches. The full color blood-splatter backer card is 3.15" by 3.15". 
For more images, info, click HERE
Henry & Glenn: Completely Ridiculous Edition $35 + Free Book
This book, with exclusive signed and numbered (1 - 1000) limited edition dust jacket, has been discounted to $35 and includes a Henry & Glenn Adult Activity / Coloring Book... A total value of over $50! 
The hardcover book collects four serialized comics, the trade paperback, the original 6x6" book, and adds 16 never-before published pages, including new stories, pin up art, and full color covers from the original series.
Get pumped on inspirational love with the coloring book of the century, celebrating the romance of the millenium: Henry & Glenn Forever. Bust out your rainbow crayons and make your own mark on the ongoing story of two tough men learning to express their emotions, together. 
Discounted Throbbleheads! 
Enjoy special pre-holiday pricing on several AGGRO classics including Lee VingJoe QueerJoe Keithley of DOADavid Cross, and Damian of Fucked Up!

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