Rancid - If The Kids Are United (2017)

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TWO classic radio broadcasts from the "LIFE WON'T WAIT" tour

By the latter half of the 1990s, Rancid were celebrating their most successful period to date. The band's blending of punk rock and ska on Let's Go (1994), and to an even greater extent on "...And Out Come The Wolves" (1995), received heavy rotation on MTV, with the latter record eventually going Platinum and helping usher in a new era of punk, championed too by the likes of Offspring and Green Day.

After touring "...Wolves" for two years, the group returned to the studio to make "Life Won't Wait," their most ambitious project yet. Recorded in multiple locations across the US and Jamaica, the album drew comparisons to The Clash's Sandanista, introducing elements of reggae, rockabilly, dub, hip-hop, and funk, and it featured a host of guest musicians including Buju Banton, Roddy Byers, Neville Staple and Lynval Golding of The Specials, Marky Ramone, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The album usurped its predecessor on the chart, reaching No. 35, the highest-ranking record of their career to that point.

In support of Life..., Rancid embarked on a mammoth tour, playing 65 shows across North America, Europe and Oceania. This CD contains two of their finest performances from the tour, both recorded in Germany for FM radio broadcast, and synched across the US airwaves too. On 20th June 1998 they played the Loreley Festival in St. Goarshausen, and on 21st August at The Bizarre Festival in Cologne. Both sets are included here in their entirety with classics such as 'Time Bomb', 'Ruby Soho' and 'Life Won't Wait' included, alongside a handful of bonus cuts and a fascinating group interview.


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